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PLEASE TAKE NOTE!!! "Forgive My Lips" has been replaced with a PINK color!

Lightweight liquid lipstick covers lips with lush pigments and a modern matte finish. Wears all day!  Combine colors for even a more dramatic look.  With a pro-sculpt applicator, shape and add dimension to lips.  Choose from 8 colors. 7 grams.  

Our lip gloss contains high impact colors. Velvety texture feels soft for all day comfort. Full coverage & smear resistant.



*this product has NOT been certified to the organic standards. For more information about why, please visit http://poofyorganics.blogspot.com/2013/08/the-rules-of-being-usda-certified.html 


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MATTE Lip Velvets $2.00

4 Stars Based on 13 Review(s)

Genevieve of Georgia
- 5 Stars
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In love with my Honey I'm Goin' Out Lip Velvet

July 16,2021

I absolutely love my Honey I'm Goin' Out Lip Velvet lipstick.  It stays on forever - which is super important because I'm such a busy mom that I can only remember to apply it once.  I get sooo many compliments on it.  It wears more cool tone red on me than in the picture, which I prefer.  It's not as dark as pictured.  It also feels great.  I have tried many "stay on" lipsticks and they always made my lips crackly with lipstick residue.  It stays put and doesn't bleed.  Love, Love, Love it!
Shannon of Pennsylvania
- 5 Stars
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December 5,2020

This is the ultimate lip go-to for long lasting vibrant color. It smells AMAZING but most importantly safe ingredients. Always a winner..
Samantha of Kentucky
- 5 Stars
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February 8,2020

These lip velvets are the Best long lasting lipsticks I ever used. All the ones at the store either dried out my lips or didn't stay on. I always loved the idea of not having to reapply but LOVE that these actually do that and don't dry my lips out. My favorite colors are the neutral ones: Whisper To Me & Own Your Sexy. Even though i have collected them all. I see u save a lot with by buying the set wish i did that. My teenager loves these too! And the tubes last forever too. My teenagers lasted her a year. Seems to be what she wants each year for Christmas. If they come out with more colors i would buy them!
Billie of Washington
- 4 Stars
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Love the colors

November 5,2019

I love these Lip Velvets. I have seen where others say the color lasts through eating and drinking all day...I struggle with this. The color comes off on my cups and on my spoon/fork and even my food, how do you get it to stay without coming off on cup, spoons, forks, food, etc?
Samantha of Kentucky
- 5 Stars
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February 8,2019

I have 4 of these colors so far and love how long thebcolors actually stays on. I also love that they don't make my lips feel dried out. Thats so rare to find.
Amanda of Kentucky
- 3 Stars
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November 20,2018

How do I wear this without it drying out my lips? I tried chapstick underneath. I adore the color Whisper to Me, however!

Amanda, thank you for your review. Matte lipsticks tend to be quite dry to achieve the color. You may want to try using a lip balm or lip gloss over it!
Michelle of Virginia
- 5 Stars
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My favorite!!

October 26,2018

I LOVE these lipsticks!! I always get so many compliments when I wear them. They also hold up through eating and drinking! I've never had to reapply them after eating, drinking and wearing them for majority of the day. I also will sometimes use two different colors to create an ombre lip. It always turns out flawless! Thanks Poofy fir the beautiful and safe makeup!
Janell of Montana
- 4 Stars
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June 3,2018

I love the Matte Velvets because I usually have to re-apply my lipstick a ton. Not anymore and toxin free! Love Honey I’m going out!
Autumn of Pennsylvania
- 5 Stars
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A real game changer

May 24,2018

When I was a child and a preteen, far before I knew what toxin meant, I didn’t like using lip balms, glosses or anything like that because I didn’t like the taste of those products. I also was a bit nervous to “eat” any of those items as I just figured it couldn’t be good for you.  With that being said, I never got on the lipsense train (partially because I found Poofy before,) or was a heavy makeup wearer simply because I couldn’t/wouldn’t leave my lips bare.  
I would wear Poofy’s glosses and lipsticks, without issue - if I had to put makeup on for the occasion.  

But Now, I do my makeup because I want to! I love these velvets.  I personally think they smell fantastic. I think that I’ve been blessed with pretty decent lips, so I like to show them off wearing bold colors.  I find these last a very long time.  I don’t have anything to really compare to as I have had no previous experience with other companies’ versions of Poofy’s Mattes.  I had purchased the set in April ‘17, when they launched, and I still use that same set!  It says a lot for the staying power.  

Application is pretty easy.  I use Poofy’s plain Jane lip balm about seven minutes before I apply the velvet so my lips aren’t as dry when for color application.  I apply a thin coat and let dry!  It tastes and smells great.

My favorite is stop traffic red, but I think that the nudes are really great for an every day look.
Christina of Washington
- 5 Stars
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Love these!

March 5,2018

I started using lipstick recently and started with Lipsense, I was a little concerned about the color not lasting nearly as long but I had to try a truly chemical free option and I LOVE my Lip Velvets. I have 2 colors so far and need more. I have Stop Traffic Red (my favorite) and Gimme some sugar baby. I will definitely be purchasing more.
Amy of Minnesota
- 5 Stars
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Lasts Forever!

March 4,2018

I got the red matte and I love it! It’s REALLY red and was perfect for Christmas! Stays on even when you drink and eat without drying out your lips.
Ashton of Montana
- 4 Stars
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I'm obsessed!

December 4,2017

I got into the liquid lipsticks a few years ago. I would spend big money on the name brand popular liquid lipsticks. Those would dry out my lips, ams of course I learnes thwir ingredients were... Yikes. Bad. Poofy Organics' lip Velvets are incredible in comparison to these high end lipsticks. They dont dry out the lips at all and velvet is a perfect way to describe how they feel on the lips. I'm hooked. Of got multiples of some colors!
Susie of Minnesota
- 5 Stars
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All the stay, none of the toxins

December 4,2017

These lip colors are pretty great. They stay on, but don’t stain your lips. My application lasted through eating and drinking throughout the day.

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